Billing Options

Fannin Electric Cooperative (FEC) offers 2 alternative billing methods if traditional billing is not for you: Pre-Paid and Budget.

Prepaid Metering

  • Pay for electric service in advance.
  • The account balance decreases as electricity is used.
  • Add credit to your account whenever needed.
  • Flexibility to pay varying amounts and frequencies.
  • Ensure the account has sufficient credit to avoid power shutdown.

Signing up for Prepaid Metering

New Members

Fill out an Application for Service along with the Pre-Paid Service Agreement (PDF).

Pay applicable new member fees.

Begin with a minimum $30 credit for the pre-paid account.

Existing Members

Clear your regular account balance to zero.

Fill out and return the Pre-Paid Service Agreement (PDF).

Make an initial payment of $30 credit for the pre-paid account.

How to Keep Track with Smarthub

Budget Billing

  • Eliminate uncertainty about varying monthly bills.
  • Compute payment using a 12-month usage average.
  • Prevent financial strain during high-usage months.
  • Distribute payments evenly throughout the year.

Budget Billing Levels Monthly Payements