Pre-Paid Service Agreement Form

Pre-Paid Service Agreement

I understand that pre-paid metering is a pay-as-you-go program; and as a participant of pre-paid metering, I am required to keep enough cash available in my account, at all times, to cover my usage of electric service or my electric service will be subject to immediate termination. Inclement weather, including extreme heat or cold, as well as illness or other medical conditions will not postpone or prevent the termination of my electric service.

I understand that I will not receive regular monthly bills or termination notices from Fannin Electric Cooperative Inc. (the “Cooperative”). It is my obligation to know and determine the amount of cash available in my pre-paid account at any point in time. Information about my pre-paid account, including history, usage, charges and payments will be available through the internet (smart hub) or by phone from an Interactive Voice Response System (IVR). I may modify or change notification settings for my pre-paid account on the cooperative’s designated website (Smart Hub). I understand that it is my responsibility to manage and update the notification settings on my pre-paid account.

I understand that all applicable charges and associated fees must be paid at the time I submit my application for pre-paid service. Depending on circumstances, the charges and associated fees may include delinquent or unpaid outstanding balances, a Membership fee, a connection charge, as well as any other charges allowed under the Cooperative’s tariffs, and an initial pre-payment of $30.00 to be applied towards future energy use. If a deposits being held by the Cooperative on an account the Member desires to switch to a pre-pay account, the deposit shall first be applied to items that must be paid with all remaining amounts added to the pre-paid account for future purchases of electric service.

Pre-payments to the pre-paid account may be made in any amount that is $5.00 or greater at the Cooperative offices and designated locations, by phone, or by internet web site. Pre-paid participants, who have had their electric service terminated due to a lack of cash in their account, are required to pay all outstanding amounts due plus an additional pre-payment amount of no less than $25.00 to be applied towards future energy usage. Energy assistance payments are added to the pre-paid account when payment is received; pledges or similar documents of intent will not prevent the termination of electric service.

Participation in pre-paid metering is voluntary. I may convert my pre-paid account to a regular electric service account at any time. At such time, the Cooperative may require full payment of a security deposit to continue electric service. I understand the difference between pre-paid service and regular (post-paid) service. I certify that I have read this agreement, or had it read to me, and I understand the terms of this agreement. I agree to abide by this agreement and all service rules and regulations of the Cooperative. Of my own free will and accord, I do hereby request that Fannin Electric Cooperative, Inc. establish a pre-paid electric service account in my name.

No Checks Accepted – only Cash/money Order/debit or Credit Cards

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